United Kingdom

 Nuala is a screenwriter, script editor and copywriter, based in London.


She was awarded a Masters Degree, with Distinction from Falmouth University’s Writing for Script and Screen.


Originally from Dublin, she’s one of 9 children and drawn to challenging family dynamics and character driven stories.





Beate focusses on stories from a female perspective and bilingual, European stories; in a broad spectrum of genres but with a special interest in comedies and thrillers. She is a graduate from Falmouth University's MA Writing for Script and Screen, and BSc Media Technology at the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences.


Based in Vienna, the Austrian writer has a broad knowledge of production processes, having worked in the production sector of the film industry for years. Currently she is also writing the video game 'This World of Mine' which is set to be released early next year, 2022.



Georgia, United States

Alex is a screenwriter based near Atlanta, Georgia. In 2021, she completed her Masters degree at Falmouth University in the Writing for Script and Screen programme. She is currently a member of the Atlanta Film Festival committee for the screenwriting division. She has received honors for her work in the international Writer’s Digest Annual Writing Competition.


Her specialties in genre include both speculative and dark comedy. She has a keen interest in dialogue and character development in her screenplays.



Sri Lanka

Alex Peers - Profile Picture.jpg

A writer of drama, comedy and psychological thrillers, Alex's interest in film reaches far and wide, with a particular fascination in the art of storytelling and how it seeps into everyday life. Alex brings heart into all of his writing, connecting with his audiences emotionally and intellectually.


A graduate from the Falmouth University MA course Writing for Script and Screen, Alex is a script writer, script reader and movie lover.