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The Script Department was founded as a non-profit company in 2019 to showcase the great work of emerging and noteworthy screenwriters through our our podcast network and our exclusive pitch-on-demand service.


Working with industry leaders, we help our community to put their work in front of the right professionals and to kickstart their careers in the screen industries.


Welcome to The Script Department.

Our Mission

An inspirational space for emerging screenwriters to prepare their work


Project Development

Working with writers to develop their scripts and package their projects for industry presentation.


An inclusive support community to guide writers on their journey


Spotlighting The Best Work

Proudly showcasing the best work from our community through our podcast network and our exclusive pitch-on-demand platform.

Meet Our Core Team


John Finnegan

Company Director, The Script Department


Michela Cortese

Company Director, The Script Department


Marcus Armstrong

Company Director, Head of Podcast Development

Headshot close.jpg

Brad Brookes

Producer, Podcast Development


Fiona Georgiou Hunt

Producer, Podcast Development

Helen Tompson pic_edited.jpg

Helen Tompson

Producer, Podcast Development


Asim Altokhais

Head of International Product Development


Caleb Vesely

Head of Post Production

See what our community is creating

Frequently Asked Questions

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