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Our Mission

The Script Department is a non-profit screenwriting platform that showcases the great work of emerging and noteworthy screenwriters through our podcast network and our exclusive studio space.


Working with industry leaders, we help our community to put their work in front of the right professionals and to kickstart their careers in the screen industries.


Welcome to The Script Department.

Partnering with leading Universities to support screenwriting graduates

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It started with a podcast

Founded in February 2019 as a podcast of the same name, The Script Department was designed as a platform to champion emerging writers and their scripts to a global audience.


A global network of writers collaborating on exciting projects


Building a Community

When the industry shut down at the height of the pandemic, The Script Department was being celebrated for our efforts to continue supporting and championing writers. This led to the creation of our online community portal.

Development and production under one banner


A Virtual Creative Studio

As of 2023, The Script Department now functions as a comprehensive virtual production house overseeing a network of podcast shows ranging from scripted dramas to analysis and discussion, while our studio arm concentrates on script development and project packaging.



John Finnegan

Founder, Chairman, Head of Operations


Michela Cortese

Founder, Co-Chairman


Marcus Armstrong

Founder, Director of Media Operations

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Brad Brookes

Producer, Podcast Development


Fiona Georgiou Hunt

Producer, Podcast Development. Development Coordinator, The Studio

Helen Tompson pic_edited.jpg

Helen Tompson

Producer, Podcast Development. Development Coordinator, The Studio


Asim Altokhais

Head of International Product Development


Caleb Vesely

Head of Post Production


Millie Hayward

Producer, Reviews Editor

Belinda Lees[23869].jpg

Belinda Lees

Lead, Research & Practice

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-23 at 16.04.38.jpeg

Peter Salisbury

Producer, Scripted Media

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-13 at 15.02.20.jpeg

Mitra Kohnesheen

Manager, Social Media

See what our community is creating

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is The Script Department Network?
    We believe writers should be celebrated for their work whether or not it's adapted for the screen. With this in mind, our mission is to showcase the great work from our community using scripted podcasts whilst also packaging standout projects to present to industry leaders for consideration. Founded in 2019, we've worked tirelessly since to fulfil this mission and since then The Script Department has since evolved into a global network of screenwriters all working together to develop great projects. We primarily work with graduates from partner University programmes around the world, ensuring that every member of our community is a verified industry-ready screenwriter. Combined with our podcast network and pitch-on-demand platform, we are able to offer an industry-standard script-development service unlike any other. Perhaps what sets us apart from the most is that The Script Department is, and always has been, a non-profit organisation which doesn't profit from our members.
  • How can I join The Script Department?
    Currently, membership is by invitation only. We prioritise places for standout graduates of partner University courses. We will be updating our list of partner courses soon so check back.
  • Does The Script Department own work shared on the site?
    Absolutely not. The Script Department will never claim any right to your work. If your work is showcased on our podcast network, we will own the copyright on that audio recording, but not the intellectual property of your script. You will be free to do as you wish with your work no matter how it is used or featured on The Script Department platform.
  • How can The Script Department help get my script produced?
    We are always monitoring the projects under development in our incubators. The best projects are invited to be showcased on our podcast in the form of a script reading and are also showcased on our exclusive Pitch-On-Demand platform which is only accessible to vetted industry leaders and run by our advisory board of experts. We update the showcase every three months and so there is always an opportunity to have your work considered.
  • How can I have my work produced on The Script Department Podcast Network?
    We are always looking for short scripts for our Shortlist Podcast. We regularly put out calls for submissions on our Podcast Hub and Facebook group. Please note that if we don’t choose your script, it is not a reflection of quality. We try to vary our catalogue as much as possible so keep submitting your work if you are not successful in the first instance. Successful writers will be asked to pay a £50 production charge. This fee goes directly to the voice actor reading your script and supports the behind the scenes talent who play a vital role in bringing these productions to life. The Script Department does not take a percentage of this fee.
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