“What a great way to bring scripts to life, allow writers to test out their stories and allow others to discover their work.”

Paul Haggis, Academy Award-winning screenwriter (Million Dollar Baby, Crash, Casino Royale)



A Soldier Above

A veteran British Special Forces Sergeant discovers that the only other surviving member of her old unit has travelled to the Middle East under suspicious circumstances. To save her friend, she must take up arms again and discover the truth behind the incident that took the lives of her unit a decade prior.


Release Date: Summer 2020 


The Dupe (Web Series)

After his lead actor pulls out of his film, a once successful Hollywood producer tries to recast his comeback project days before production is due to begin. Doing so involves outsmarting a double-crossing agent, standing up to an unscrupulous studio head and confronting an ex-wife who is trying to save their former home from the California wildfires.

Release Date: January 2021