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When a reclusive homeless man is invited into a friendly woman's home for a hot meal and a bath, he slowly starts to realise that he hasn't been invited in for hospitable reasons.

Written by Daniel Tuck

Read by Marcus Armstrong



When a lonely young woman inherits an aromatherapy market stall, she discovers an uncanny ability to use her blends to improve the lives of her customers. But when she tries to use this power to pursue her own happiness, the results spin out of her control.

Written by Abbie Heath

Read by Ruth Hayes



Tom yearns to plan his own wedding but is kept at arm's length by his fiancée. As the big day edges closer, Tom tries to come to terms with his situation with help from best man Joe, who knows nothing of his true feelings. As best intentions flirt with disaster, Tom must save the day using only a pint glass and some geraniums.

Written and Read

by Marcus Armstrong



Arriving home late from a funeral, Mark is unnerved by unusual sounds coming from his normally quiet house. As the night wears on, past and present collide and Mark must face the demons he thought he had defeated long ago.

Written and Read

by Marcus Armstrong



A young war veteran and former Olympian turns to professional wrestling in an attempt to raise the spirits of an 8-year-old child.

Written by Tom Burrows

Read by Ruth Hayes



An undistinguished actor in need of hip replacement surgery plays a cleaner on a reality television show in the hopes of reigniting her career and paying for her operation. As the show progresses, her on-screen value soars while her dignity plummets.

Written and Read


Belinda Lees



A child, Matilda, witnesses her family descend into dread after the arrival of a sickly woman to their 19th century English farm. The woman tells the child stories of a folklore tale, causing Matilda to question her reality. Meanwhile, a very real threat lurks outside the walls of their home.

Written and Read


John Finnegan



The arrival of her 30th birthday gives Patrice, a subservient Afro-Caribbean woman, the awakening she needs to make big changes in her life, starting with her hair. When these sudden changes cause tension in her relationships, Patrice must decide whether to revert to who she was to keep the peace.

Written by Reyda Gay

Read by Glenda Gay



A traumatised victim of intimate partner violence is struggling to maintain her equilibrium as a yoga teacher in a new community. Her fragile health is threatened by the unexpected arrival of her ex-partner.

Written by Belinda Lees

Read by Ruth Hayes



James is suffering from severe sleep deprivation is on the verge of cracking. His neighbour, Peter, a metal sculptor, works late into the night whilst singing off-key opera. Now, James methodically plans Peter’s demise. The only thing standing between him and a good night’s sleep is the Neighbourhood Watch.

Written by Lauren Brits

Read by Marcus Armstrong



A man returns home one night to find his girlfriend still up. As the night drags on, the good-humoured conversation descends into frustration and rage and the lines of reality and fiction begin to blur.

Written and Read


Marcus Armstrong



A young girl and her father try to survive day-by-day as they traverse a harsh landscape. Things are made more complicated as their growing resentment for each other puts everything at risk.

Written by David Moore

Read by John Finnegan



A semi-retired dancer, Olivia, struggles to reignite her career while caring for her father who suffers from dementia.

Written by John Finnegan and Ruth Hayes

Read by Ruth Hayes