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We've Moved (sort of).

It's been a year since we officially launched The Script Department and a lot has happened in that year. We've built a successful screenwriting blog and followed that up with a YouTube channel as well. We have a lot of work ahead of us on that front, but Feedspot put us in their list of 20 screenwriting channels to watch out for in 2019 - so we must be doing something right. Finally, we launched #TheScriptDept podcast - a unique storytelling podcast that aims to put the screenplay front and centre and tell great stories. We're three months in and we have adapted seven short screenplays into episodes as well as a feature-length episode which is launching in a week.

We did all of this from a small but scrappy blogging site which we've had in our back pocket since 2010, if you can believe. What started as a blog for an assignment as part of my MA coursework at Bournemouth University has evolved into something really exciting and much larger than we could have hoped for. But, as with everything, our work has also evolved and, given how much we have to offer now, not to mention new projects and an upcoming consultancy service on the horizon, we needed a new site to support our business as we take that next pivotal step in our future.

We always looked at The Script Department as a production hub of sorts - not for making film or television, but for writing screenplays. That's the place where we invest our time and energy. If we had a mission statement, it would be something along the lines of "write without worrying about budgets, production logistics or industry trends and preferences". That's the goal of every writer after all, right? So that's what we are working towards. We have a podcast that we are incredibly proud of that allows us to do just that. But we also plan to do more work with industry partners and of course, keep blogging and offering tonnes of useful tips and screenwriting guidance. We inadvertently started this blog as an academic project almost a decade ago and we haven't lost sight of our beginnings. This is where the research is done and where we will continue to report on the state of the art.

To those of you who have been following us this far, thank you for the support! And if you are new here, you've joined us at an interesting time indeed.

Welcome to The (new) Script Department!


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