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Update: Murder on the Amalfi Coast (Italia Noir)

One of the things that I love about running this podcast is the opportunity to create or source all the incredible images and posters that we use for our stories.

I've been working on our Italian investigative thriller for a few years now (on and off) but only really settled on the actual direction of the project in the last few months. Originally titled, Murder on the Amalfi Coast, we opted instead for a shorter and more general title to give us the freedom to tell more than just that one story.

So, I guess this is an announcement for more projects to come. Not just one story set in Amalfi, but a series of investigations that will cover the length and breadth of the country, told in one podcast called Italia Noir.

We have finished writing the third episode as I post this, with five more episodes to go. Writing this series has been such a fascinating experience and I intend to do another blog post soon to unpack this process.

But for now, we hope you like the poster and the subsequent marketing material that will follow in the coming months. It's still a bit to go, but that's just more time for us to whet your appetite for some good old fashioned Italian detective fare.


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