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Guest Post: I'm Alright | Ruth Hayes

By Ruth Hayes |

It’s been just over a year now since I joined The Script Department as one of the regular voice actors on their podcast. It’s a fresh way to celebrate the art of screenwriting by ‘bringing cinema to your ears.’ It’s been exciting to watch the podcast grow from a few of us churning out quality scripts every fortnight, to having renowned guest readers like Allen Leech and Dylan Kussman. Even getting an endorsement from Oscar-winning writer and director Paul Haggis. I’ve read everything from an old gangster who’s come out of retirement, to a young boxer having the fight of her life, to a yoga instructor coming to terms with an abusive past. After a couple of months trying to find the right project for me to work on, The Script dept. producer John Finnegan presented me with the script ‘I’m Alright’, by Ben Jones.

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Ruth Hayes is a stage, screen and voice actor as well as a writer and director of radio dramas in Ireland. Visit Ruth's website here.


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