Tree Stump
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An Australian Constable, who is blamed for ruining the life of a young activist, tries to redeem himself by helping her fight to save a sacred Birthing Tree from destruction. Her presence, however, ignites buried war memories and unsettled family conflicts, which threaten his stability.

Written and Read by Belinda Lees

Production Support by Laura Owen & John Finnegan


"It's not your fight, is it."

Part 1 | The Clearing
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Part 2 | The Clearing
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Part 3 | The Clearing
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Part 4 | The Clearing
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An ageing criminal, Finbarr Delaney, must return to his home in Galway to bury his estranged brother and settle his affairs. However, old friends looking for their share and a 30-year-old investigation threaten Finbarr’s retirement plans.

Written by John Finnegan

Read by Ruth Hayes


"You're going to have to let this go"

Part 1 | The Parish
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Part 2 | The Parish
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Part 3 | The Parish
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Part 4 | The Parish
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In the wake of a horrendous car accident, Chris finds his life torn apart as his mind struggles to comprehend what he has seen. As the dreams and flashbacks intensify, he isolates himself from those he loves; not realising that the demons are not around him, they are within.

Written and read by Marcus Armstrong


"I'm sick of being weak."

Part 1 | Local Hero
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Part 2 | Local Hero
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Part 3 | Local Hero
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Part 4 | Local Hero
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As humanity comes to an end, leaving robots to follow their programming to eternity, one forestry robot experiences an emotional awakening and gains a new perspective on its world.

Written for research, this screenplay explores what it means to be human through a blending of Japanese and British storytelling techniques, developed during the 2015 Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science Summer Fellowship.

Written and read by Max Gee

Production Support by Jo Tyler


"What is Your Purpose?"

Part 1 | Hydrangea
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Part 2 | Hydrangea
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On her train to work, Nancy has her happy ever after accidentally derailed by her time-travelling future self. The twenty-something cardiologist must learn to listen to her own heart and avoid being railroaded by her mother into dating the wrong guy to stay on track to find her true love.

Written by Lorna Riley

Read by Simon Bubb

Swipe Right
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It is a normal quiet night at the Red Lion for bartender Amy, until a mysterious stranger emerges from the darkness with impossible knowledge. As the night wears on, Amy must choose whether to trust a man she has never met, or risk everything for the chance of something better.

Written by Marcus Armstrong

Read by Belinda Lees, Ruth Hayes & Marcus Armstrong

Two Pounds
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Whilst house sitting for their parents, Hadley and Ida’s home is intruded by burglars causing them to take refuge in the attic. The twins wake up and realise they are locked in. They will have to put aside their differences and find a way out or, wait two weeks for the return of their parents.

Written by Laura Owen

Read by Ruth Hayes

I is for Ida
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Man Using Computer Printer


Fred and Fiona are tasked with operating the last fax machines and find themselves locked in hand-drawn conversation; but as the company tries to move into the future, a shadowy figure threatens to end their conversation for good.

Written and read by Marcus Armstrong

FAO Fiona
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A story about Jack, a young man struggling to adapt to life under lockdown rules.

Written by Ben Jones

 Read by Ruth Hayes

I'm Alright
00:00 / 18:06


A cabbie trying to make a better life for himself has to battle his past addictions when his wife leaves him for a richer man.

Written and read by Ben Jones

00:00 / 25:30


A young war veteran and former Olympian turns to professional wrestling in an attempt to raise the spirits of an 8-year-old child.

Written by Tom Burrows

Read by Ruth Hayes

Sin Piernas
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The arrival of her 30th birthday gives Patrice, a subservient Afro-Caribbean woman, the awakening she needs to make big changes in her life, starting with her hair. When these sudden changes cause tension in her relationships, Patrice must decide whether to revert to who she was to keep the peace.

Written by Reyda Gay

Read by Glenda Gay

New Growth
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